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A Threefod Cord
How Good Theology, Philosophy and Science
Reinforce Each Other.
Stay tuned for developments.

Each section could be a book in its own right.
The purpose here is to offer a sufficient introduction, with references, for those that wish to go deeper.

Part 1. Introduction
  1. Dedication
  2. My Story
  3. Introductory Comments
  4. Which God?
  5. Apologetics
  6. How To Study The Bible

Part 2. The Beginning and The Ending
  1. Origins – In the beginning God...
  2. Eschatology – The End From The Beginning

Part 3. Conclusion

Part 4. Bibliography
  1. People/Books/Audios/Videos Referenced in the Book
  2. Scripture Passages/Verses Used in the Book
  3. Recommended for Further Study

351 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus.pdf


Following Jesus
all the way, every day
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