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From A Dream - 5/1/04
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We were like children. We lived in the sky and played in the clouds. We could walk on the clouds, swim through the clouds, surf and ski, make lines and shapes in the clouds.
Perfect joy, perfect liberty, no cares, no needs.

Then the oceans of clouds began to give way to patches of dirt like coming down from snow filled mountains.
Down, down, like skiing, it was easy, it was fun. We were drawn inexorably down.

We could have gone back, it would have been easy, just turn around.
Why didnít we go back? Did it even come to mind?

More and more patches of dirt, less and less sky. Soon we were walking on solid ground.
Our connection to the sky evaporated with the last of the clouds.
There was now no way to return to the sky, our home and playground.

Finally the ground became pavement.
After realizing what had happened I fell down on the pavement and began to cry, mourning the loss.
Why didnít we go back when there was still a chance?
I heard someone say ďSome find the transition more difficult than others.?I must have been one of them.

Is the bitter knowledge of what we once had and lost better than having no such knowledge at all? The grief is strong.
How can this confinement to be compared to liberty? How is pavement better than sky? How is death better than life?

We are of the sky but now confined to dirt and pavement.
Our own liberty drew us to the ground, our own ability to Ďgo there?took us there.
Now even ability is lost. Now we canít go back, the clouds are out of reach.
More grief and tears. There is no blame, only loss.
All hope is gone, there is only dirt and pavement and tears.

Who shall deliver us from this death?
How can one walk on water much less clouds?
But hope is not lost, there is One who can walk on water and clouds.
His name is Jesus and He will lift us up and return us to our place.
He has done for us what we cannot do for ourselves.
Take His hand, the ability is in Him. He will wipe away all of our tears.