Michael P. Hays
My Story
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In September of 1978 I wasn't looking for God. Since high school my career goal was to be a medicine man, shaman or sorcerer. We do live in a supernatural world and I had begun to tap into it more and more. Being high was normal.

It was on a Friday night that everything changed. I decided to take a bath and spend the evening being high. There was a thunderstorm going on outside. As I sat relaxing in the bathtub I began to hear something like a very faint voice. As I focused my attention to try to hear better, the voice roared out "... AND THE ALMIGHTY GOD". At that instant it was as though a bolt of lightning hit the window. The room exploded with a brilliant, beautiful white light and the room shook from the thunder and I was in the presence of a power greater than anything I had previously experienced. I had been in the presence of power before, usually accompanied by fear but the thing that most caught my attention was that in the midst of the immense power was a most gentle peace. What a contradiction - awesome power and sweet, gentle peace!

I sat straight up and said, "OK, God, you got my attention, what do you want"? At that instant I was up in the sky looking down on the earth. I could see that from horizon to horizon was one giant wheat field. As I watched a fire-storm came up over the horizon destroying everything in its path. I looked closer and realized that each stalk of wheat was a person. Many lives were being destroyed. I knew inside that this was a tragedy of immense proportions! Tears began to flow at the realization of so much loss. God was allowing me to feel how He feels about these lives being lost. He loves EVERY person so very much. EVERY lost life is a tragedy to Him. I said, "God, if even one of these lives can live because of me I will do anything You want". With that the whole thing ended. I finished my bath and went to bed.

The next morning when I woke up I realized that I was different. I had been in the presence of God and He had changed me. I had never heard about being 'born again' but it had happened to me. It exploded into my consciousness that Jesus was the key to everything and whatever the Bible said was true. A former girlfriend had given me a Bible but I had no use for it. It was still in the box, in the closet, under the blankets. I knew I had to get out that Book and learn it. All I knew was to open to page one and start reading.

I quickly devoured the Scriptures like a dry sponge devours water. Within three months I had worn the gold leaf off the pages and the binding was breaking down. I took it everywhere so I could fill every spare moment with God's word. As I became more knowledgeable I became obnoxious. I so much want everyone to know Him. It took about 10 years to get 'house broken' in the Kingdom of God. Growing up has been slow and painful, but that drive has never left. Now after 35 years it is very clear - God is faithful and true, He cannot be otherwise! Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us, even when everyone else does.

In 1985 I became a licensed minister and in 2008 I was ordained. I am often amazed how things work out.

In 1987 I returned to college as an engineering student. Later I switched to physics because I was interested in how the Creator's creation worked. It was during these first years I became interested in Creation Science. It seemed that every class was steeped in evolutionary philosophy and most mocked God. It was a pervasive contradiction of what God said he did. Professors would ridicule those who didn't subscribe to the 'well established scientific (atheistic) view' of history. There were others who seemed to take particular delight in destroying a lesser prepared student's faith. I wonder how many students have been thus 'evangelized' and now embrace the faith of the evolutionists. Why arenít students allowed to hear the many serious problems plaguing the atheistic/evolutionary belief system from science to philosophy? Why aren't they allowed to hear the flawed philosophical foundation on which their religion of 'scientism' rests? Any questioning their authority is branded as a heretic. Such is the control of modern public education. They can't stand competition.

I knew the Bible was true and that it taught that the universe was thousands, not billions, of years old, but I was ignorant of how to even approach the subject. Saying "The Bible says ..." just doesn't go over well in physics class. It is amazing - when you want to know the truth God will arrange to get it to you. In 1991 a team from a place called the Institute for Creation Research came to the U. of Wyo. for a two-day seminar. I saw that there were credible scientific interpretations of history that were consistent with Biblical history. Not only that, but there were many thousands of scientists from every field that turned their back on the evolutionary/atheistic view of reality because real science told another story, one that agrees with what the Creator said He did. I had been told that all real scientists go along with evolution. Those who said that were either ignorant or lying. I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I continue to search out and devour everything I can get my hands on.

After graduation, not seeing much of a future in theoretical physics I returned to applied physics: electrical engineering, and earned a masters degree. I continued to study everything I could on Creation and the scientific evidences that support it and challenge evolution. I believe the decline of the western world and the emergence of post-Christian America is the result of embracing evolution and its anti-theistic foundation. Since the spring of 2001 I have been actively speaking on Creation as well as the Kingdom of God anywhere I can get an audience. People need to understand that they have been made in the image of God, not an ape, and they are alive today for a grand purpose.

In October 6, 2006 God called me to start a ministry that would emphasize the Creator's message of His glory through His creation, redemption and total dominion in one coherent vision. The purpose and vision seen throughout this website. The ministry started June 1, 2007. The Scriptures continue to open up into greater dimensions of God's great majestic work and amazing grace!

The Gospel is a world changing force for the betterment of all of humanity, by Divine design. It seems much of 'The Church' openly embraces ideas that are counter-productive to this end. Creation, Redemption and Dominion are under an assault unparalleled since the first century. There is much talk about returning to the 'early Church' but man-made traditions actually inhibit such movement. May God have mercy on us all and open our eyes.

Jesus of Nazareth has been my Lord and best friend for nearly 40 years now and has proven Himself to be the most loyal and devoted friend. Everything worthwhile in my life is from Him. It has been a supreme honor to be His!

If you discover that life is missing from your existance surrender everything (the good, the bad & the ugly) to King Jesus. He is fully capable of making the necessary changes and bringing you into a place where you are truly blessed and a blessing to others.
Michael P. Hays