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Creation and evolution can be contrasted in many, many ways.
Here are a few.
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Creation Evolution
There is a Creator There is no Creator
There was a witness at the beginning - the Creator Himself There was no witness to the beginning of anything
The universe was created by God The universe created itself from nothing
Earth existed before light Light started at the Big Bang
Light existed before sun Sun is the earths source of light
Earth existed before sun and stars Stars existed before sun, sun before the earth
Oceans existed before land Land existed before oceans
Oceans existed before sun Sun existed before oceans
Land existed before the sun Sun existed before land
Earth started as a tropical paradise Earth started as a molten blob
Plants existed before the sun Sun existed before plants
Land plants are first life Marine organisms are first life
Flowers existed before insects Insects existed before flowers
Birds existed before land reptiles Land reptiles existed before birds
Life forms were created in distinct 'kinds'
according to the purpose of the Creator
All life arose randomly through endless,
gradual transformations
Man is the crown and purpose of the entire Creation Man is a cosmic accident and serves no purpose whatsoever
Family, Church and State are the three legs of Civilization.
Only true Christianity offers the reality necessary for stability.
All law is State sponsored religion being imposed on everyone else!
The Creator is God The State is god
The Creator is the provider The State is the provider
The fundamental principle is liberty The fundamental principle is control
Man existed before the State The State (herd) existed before man
The State is responsible to the Creator The State is responsible to no one
Family, Church and State are equally responsible to the Creator Family and Church serve the State, or are eliminated
Children belong to the family Children belong to the State
Everything belongs to the Creator Everything belongs to the State
The State is controlled and people free The State is all-powerful and people controlled
Rights come from the Creator Rights are granted by the State
Morality is defined by the Creator Morality is arbitrary
Law exists to punish evil doers Law exists to control people
Free Market Economics - Moral Capitalism State Controlled Economics - Socialism & Crony Capitalism
Wealth is created and grows Wealth is finite and must be redistributed
Wealth is a win-win game Wealth is a zero sum game
Consciousness before Matter Matter before Consciousness
Mind before Matter Matter before Mind
Reason before Matter Matter before Reason
Personality before Matter Matter before Personality
Laws before Matter Matter before Laws
Designer before Matter Matter before Designers

Michael P. Hays, 200111