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Why? CRD
CMM Home What could be more familiar than the hover and dart of a fruit fly, going about its business? And what could be more mysterious? Thirty-odd muscle pairs, in coordinated motion, flap the wings up and down 200 times a second-rapidly enough to sing a baritone G below middle C. Biologists have tried for decades to sort out the complexities of insect flight. The wing hinge, where the wing joins the thorax of the insect is, in the words of Michael H. Dickenson, a neuroethologist at the University of Chicago, "the most morphologically complex joint in the animal kingdom."
  Aberlin, Mary Beth
The issue of origins effects every facet of life.

Where did life come from?
Where does morality come from?
Where do unalienable rights come from?

Read America's Declaration of Independence

Science, law, politics, business, education and ethics
are all effected by the answers to these questions.

It is not true that some people are religious and some are not.
Everyone is religious.
Reguardless of what scientists, lawyers, polititians, etc, profess,
all demonstrate their true religion on a daily basis.
ALL law is somebody's religion being imposed on everybody else!

The root of every form of liberalism is evolution!

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The subject of Creation is presented in three areas:
Why It Matters
This covers philosophy, sociology, morality, law and other areas
effected by ones beliefs concerning how humanity came into being
and got to the time in which we live.

What the Bible Says
This covers the Biblical view of history from the beginning.
Also covered are various compromise views promoted over the years.

What Science Says
This covers such topics as What is Science?,
Facts, Interpretation and Beliefs,
Proof, Like Beauty, is in the Eye of the Beholder
Scientific Evidence They Don't Want You to See, and more.

Topical Index
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