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What's a Few Hundred Million Among Friends?
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Geologic Column  Radiometric Dating

How The Game is Played

First and formost let it be known that there is NO reliable, long-term dating method! Remember that belief, assumption and interpretation dictate that the earth is billions of years old. So entrenched is this notion that any date or dating method that disagrees is rejected. We shall look at some of them later. Also keep in mind that, according to evolution, there were no human witnesses to any of the time periods that the ancient age dating schemes are trying to measure.

Suppose you walked into a room and saw a large basin of water dripping onto the floor. When did the basin start leaking?
This analogy illustrates many of the same problems that dating methods have. The goal is to account for every loose end, but in most cases this is impossible.

Geologic Column
The geologic column is the bible of the evolutionist. The only place on earth that it is found is in text books and the imagination. Every rock layer is accounted for.

Radiometric Dating

Ignored Dating Methods