Why? CRD Why?
Creation, Redemption, Dominion

All problems today have a common root. It is either the ignorance or distortion of Creation, Redemption and Dominion. Every religion, including atheism, offers an explanation of the history of planet earth.
Only one can be right.
This class looks at the Biblical and naturalistic presuppositions and their consequences.
The universe looks designed but is this just an illusion? The truth is right in front of your eyes.
A comprehensive, coherent forward view is necessary.
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1 Introduction - A Study in Contrasts
  1. Everyone Has A Religion - Metaphysics Rules!
  2. The search for meaning & the 4 big questions
  3. Worldviews - How the questions get answered.
  4. Various Theories - Mutual Exclusivity
  5. Ideas Have Consequences - Consistancy Or Confusion
  6. How Then Shall We Live?
2 The Bible I - The Owner's Manual
  1. In the beginning God...The Only Right Starting Point
  2. An Extraterrestrial Messaging System
  3. A Tropical Paradise or a Molten Wasteland - A Study In Contrasts
  4. You can't know what the Bible means
       if you don't know what the Bible says.
  5. A Day by Day Diary
  6. Two Trees in The Garden: Knowledge And Life
Hidden Gospel
Biblical Generations Chart
Compare Bible and Evolution
3 The Bible II - The Great Flood
  1. Why Destroy Paradise?
  2. The Ark and The Animals
  3. Billions of dead things, buried in rock layers,
       laid down by water, all over the earth.
  4. A Whole New World
4 Government - Who’s In Charge?
  1. The Purpose of Government
  2. Founding Fathers
  3. Secularism - America's New Unofficial Religion
  4. The Separation of Church and State
  5. Separating Man From God
  6. Evolutionary Government - A New Foundation
  7. If the foundation crumbles...
The Progressive Movement.doc
Church Inc.doc
5 History - Who's Story?
  1. BC - AD
  2. The Descent
  3. The Great Scism - 1054
  4. Renaissance - 1350-1650
  5. Reformation - 1517-1599
  6. Enlightenment - 1600-1800
  7. Modernism - 1800-2001
  8. A Century of Atheism
  9. Post-Modernism
  10. Rewriting History
6 Science I - Big Ideas
  1. What is Science?
  2. Were you there?
  3. Presuppositions, Facts, Interpretation & Belief
  4. Information & Complexity
Information & Complexity Demo WhyCRD06-Science.ppt
7 Science II - Science Speaks
  1. The Age of The Universe
  2. The Age of The Earth
  3. Origin of Life
  4. The Fossil Record
  5. Intelligent Design
8 Education - Train Up a Child...
  1. Whoever Controls The Kids Controls The Future
  2. Education vs. Indoctrination
  3. Accuracy in Education
  4. Academic Freedom and Censorship
9 Society - Social Engineering
  1. A Reflection of Theology
  2. Issues in Society
  3. Government & Society
  4. Diversity, Multiculturalism & Tolerance
  5. The Future/Conclusions